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Prof Dr. Ahmad Mazli Bin Muhammad
Akademi Pengajian Bahasa
UiTM,Shah Alam
Shah Alam
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Miscellaneous Information:
1. Academic Position Dean, Associate Professor/Head of Assessment & Evaluation
2. Qualification and Granting Institution
  •  Ph.D Measurement and Evaluation
     Faculty of Education                                                   
     Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2007                                
     Area of focus Assessment and Evaluation
     Thesis title Effectiveness of an Advanced Academic Reading Course in Facilitating Tertiary Students’ Comprehension of Academic Texts
  • MA Curriculum and Teaching
    School of Education                                       
    Michigan State University, 1995                                 
    Area of focus Curriculum Studies
  • PG Diploma in TESL
    Language Centre                                                                 
    Mara Institute of Technology, 1988
3. Areas of Interest
  • Curriculum and Assessment Development
  • Curriculum and Teaching
  • Language and Communication
 4 Objectives
  • To achieve and deliver optimal teaching and learning through simple and yet effective and efficient  instructional methods
  • To conduct research in areas curriculum & assessment development
  • To publish articles and books pertaining to areas of curriculum and assessment.
 5 Teaching Experience

 Language Proficiency and EAP / ESP Courses

  • Teaching under-privileged children to read and write at Michigan State University’s Reading Outreach Program: Summer 1993
  • Teaching English proficiency courses  to Indonesian students from the University of Malang in 1993 and Laotians from the University of Laos in1990.
  • Teaching English for Academic Purposes to students enrolled in the Ministry of Education’s Pre-Law and Matriculation Programme, 2004-2006
  • Teaching Saudi Arabian students, 2007 - 2008
  • Conducted lectures and workshops to graduate students on academic writing and  presentation skills, 2004-present
  • Teaching Presentation Skills, Report Writing, Reading and Critical Thinking
  • English for Professional Communication Courses
  • Teaching Critical Thinking, Language and Communication, Professional Communication, Research Methodology, and supervising academic Project
4.  Administrative Experience
  • Language Coordinator: 1996-1998
  • Testing and Evaluation Committee member: 2003-2006
  • APB Representative at the Faculty of Law: 2004-2006
  • Vetting and marking for Matriculation Programme: 2005-2007
  • Publishing Coordinator at HEA Department, Chancellory: 2006-2007
  • Chairperson for the new APB Building Complex: March 2007-April 2008
  • Head of Programme : English for Professional Communication: May 2008 – April 2010
5.  Student Activities
  • Public Speaking Competition Chairperson: 2005-2007
  • Advisor to UiTM’s Aquatic Club: 2005-2007
  • Professional Talk Series: Advisor, 2007
  • APPLES: Advisor, 2008-2010
6.  Publications
  • Writing  with Sources: A Guidebook for Academic Writers (2010).  Kuala Lumpur: McGraw Hill Education
  • Plagiarism: Address It In Schools. Letters, NST, 29 November 2010
  • Be With Your Kids As They Grow Up. Opinion, The Star, 10 April 2006
  • Students Should Ask Questions. Let’s Hear It, The Sunday Star, 24 June 2007
  • Teachers Need A Good Support System. Views, The Star, 16 August 200
  • Involve Parents. Let’s Hear It, The Sunday Star. 2 September 2007
  • Tertiary Education Conference Proceedings (2006). Editorial Committee. Conference conducted at Universiti Teknologi Mara in November 2005
  • In Between Lectures Column. Majalah Pelangi. UiTM Pahang Bulletin: 1996 - 1998
7.  Award Award for Excellent Service 2007
8. Workshops / Seminar / Conferences
  • Attended and presented papers at local and international conferences
  • Participated in self-development workshops such as SPSS and EndNote
  • Participated in and audited research and methodology courses in the initial stage of pursuing doctoral degree
  • Presented paper Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Where Do We Begin? at The My_Caselt Inaugural International Conference at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Shah Alam, 2006
  • Presented paper Effectiveness of An Academic Reading Course on Tertiary Students’ Comprehension of Academic Text at the Faculty of Education’s 13th Colloquium, UKM, 2006
  • Conducted workshop on The Utilization of EndNote Software in Academic Writing: Writing a Research Proposal to graduate students of the Faculty of Art and Design, 2007
  • Designed the curriculum for the  Foundation English Courses for international students, 2007
  • Designed the proposed Psycholinguistics course syllabus for the English for Professional Communication (LG220) programme
  • Participated in the Voices of Asia 2007 symposium
  • Presented paper The Language Learning Strategies Adopted by UiTM’s ESL Learner at MICOLLAC 2007
  • Participated in Post-graduate Supervision Workshop at IIUM, 2009
  • Presented module at the 4th National Lecturing in English Workshop at Colmar Tropicale, 2010
  • Participated in the Language for Specific Purpose and Professional Communication International Conference 2010 at PJ Hilton
9.  Research
  • Tinjauan Tenaga Profesional Dan Separa Profesional Kejuruteraan Yang Diperlukan Di Sektor Pengilangan Di Negeri Pahang Darul Makmur (1997)
  • Mastery of Academic Vocabulary Among Tertiary Students in Public and Private Universities in Malaysia (2008-present)
10.  Supervision
  • Undergraduate level:                                            
  • Supervising students to write research proposals and final semester Academic Projects and evaluating students’ practical training
  • Postgraduate level:                                                
  • Supervising Master and PhD students’ theses
 11  Consultancy
  • Developing an Assessment Policy for Royal Military College - International Bacaulerette Diploma 2014
  • UiTM Plagiarism Committee member: INQka 2010 – 2011
  • AKEPT Training for Trainers 2010
  • Editorial and Advisory Board for Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies (ajE-Bs) maiden issue v1 n1 January 2010
  • Reviewer for Refereed on-line GEMA Journal UKM, 2010
  • Module presenter: National Lecturing in English Workshop, UiTM Pahang 2010
  • Designer for communication skills rubrics for UiTM’s soft skills module 2010
  • Effective English Teaching, ILQAM 2008/2009
  • Vetting committee: English Language Paper 2, MOHE’s Matriculation Programme 2007
  • Syllabus writer and teaching staff: Intensive Academic Writing Course  for Saudi Arabian students, Summer 2007
 12  Community Services
  • Planned MUET workshops for LG220 students, April 2010
  • Planned and participated in UiTM’s International Students’ Field Trip to Chamang Waterfalls 2008
  • Planned and delivered English Motivational Camp Programme at Felda Kumai, Pahang 1997
 13  Professional Membership
  • Malaysian Language Teaching Association (MELTA) – Life member
  • Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM) – Life Member
  • ASIA Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) – Life Member