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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anealka Binti Aziz Hussin
Head Of English For IntercuItural Communication (LG243)
Akademi Pengajian Bahasa
UiTM,Shah Alam
Shah Alam
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Miscellaneous Information:
1. Phone +6016-2197025 
2. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
3. Web site  
4. Awards
  • Inventor Excellence Award from the Syrian Prominent Inventor League (2010)
  • Academic Excellence Award from UiTM (2010)
  • Sijil Khidmat Cemerlang from UiTM (2001) 
5. Academic Position Associate Professor (DR) 
4. Qualification and Granting Institution 
  • PhD in Education, 2010 (UiTM)
  • MSc. TESL, 2003 (UPM)
  • MSc. Educational Technology, 2002 (UPM) 
5. Administrative Experience
  • Fasilitator Projek Pembangunan e-Bahan Pembelajaran APB. (2012)
  • Pengurus Projek Pembangunan e-Bahan Pembelajaran APB. (2012)
  • Penyemak Prosedur Kualiti APB: Dokumen PK.UiTM.APB(P).12 Prosedur Analisis Data (2012)
  • AJK Perlaksana English Language Support Programme (MyLinE) (2012)
  • Ketua Pemandu Data dan Penyelidikan, Unit Pengurusan Kualiti (2012)
  • Pengerusi JK Teknikal dan ICT APB (2011 - 2013)
  • Koordinator Unit IT & Latihan APB (2011 - 2013)
  • Pensyarah Sumber Program LG220: ALS 420 Introduction to Language & Linguistics. (2011 - 2012)
  • JK Teknikal ICT (JT ICT) Zon W 11 UiTM (2011)
  • Penasihat II KIK (2011)
  • Panel Temuduga Skim Tenaga Pengajar Muda (TPM) Peringkat Sarjana bagi tahun 2011.
  • Program Baru dan Semakan Kurikulum APB (2011)
  • Ketua IT dan Latihan, APB (2011)
6. Research Interest and Projects (current)  ELT Materials Development, Corpus-based research, Readability, Text Analysis. 
7. Major Recent Publications  
  • Anealka, A., Chan, Y.F. & Alsree, Z. (2010). Scientific Structural Changes within Texts of Adapted Reading Materials. English Language Teaching Journal, 3(4), 216-223.
  • Mukundan, J. and Anealka, A. (2009). Loading and distribution of the 2000 high frequency words in Malaysian English Language textbooks for Form 1 to Form 5. Pertanika JSSH, 17 (2), 141-152.
  • Mukundan, J., & Anealka, A. (2007). A forensic study of vocabulary load and distribution in five Malaysian secondary schools English textbooks (Forms 1-5). Pertanika JSSH , 15 (2), 59-74.
  • Anealka, A., Azlina, A.R., Haliza, A.G. and Rosiah, A.B. (2011). A structural comparison of reading passages used in test papers. Journal of Language Studies, Vol. 7(1), 107-120.
  • Mukundan, J., & Anealka, A. (2006). Automated and semi-automated processes of WordSmith 3.0 as textbook evaluation instrument: A case study involving one Malaysia secondary school textbooks. TEFLIN Journal , 17 (2), 101-121.
  • Mukundan, J., Chu, L.S., and Anealka, A. (2006). Peer conferencing and teacher-student conferencing as alternative or combination revision strategies. Journal of Language Studies, Academy of Language Studies, UiTM. 2, 63-89.
  • Mukundan, J. and Anealka, A. (2006). An analysis of syntactic maturity of students from three different academic levels. Jurnal Bahasa Jendela Alam, Vol. 4, 446-459.
  • Anealka, A. (2011). Using a newspaper corpus to create English language teaching and learning materials. In Bringing literature and linguistics into EFL Classroom: Insights from research and classroom practice. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Anealka, A., Chan, Y.F. and Alsree, Z. (2011). Computational text analysis: A more comprehensive approach to determine readability of reading materials. In Readings on ELT Materials V. Malaysia: Galaxy Automation Sdn Bhd .
  • Anealka, A. (2010). Discrepancy among language instructors concerning the difficulty level of reading passages for learners at a diploma level. In S. Menon, & J. Lourdunathan, Readings on ELT Materials IV. Malaysia: Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  • Anealka, A. (2007). Are these news articles appropriate for my students? In J. Mukundan, & S. Menon (Eds.), ELT matters 4: Development in English language learning and teaching. Serdang: UPM Press.
  • Mukundan, J., & Anealka, A. (2006). Exploration of WordSmith 3.0 as textbook writer's guide and evaluation instrument. In J. Mukundan (Ed.), Focus on ELT Materials. Malaysia: Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd
8. Involvement in Professional Organization  
9. Participation in continuing education and community service    
10. Area of Interest